GHTL 2.0

GHTL 2.0 (Global Health True Leader 2.0) is an international leadership training. There we can learn about leadership and also One Health Concept in 7 days training and this year is in Surakarta, Central Java. This training held by INDOHUN (Indonesia One Health University Network). There are 56 participants who are -i guess- lucky to have this training. Pst, this amazing training is fully funded. Hehe.

It's been more than one month ago but feels like yesterday. I still remember the smell of lor in, morning exercises, lunch with military army, our cheers song, peaceful Gondosuli with its cold water and fresh air, kids on Lalung, beautiful Sekipan Camp, even for some punishments that i got. It was tiring yet sooo fun! It is not easy to move on.

This morning (8/9) I got the link of photos during GHTL2.0 and it brings my yesterday to today. So glad! But it is not complete yet. Can not wait for more documentations! ^^ 

So, let the photos describe...
23th July 2017

Arrive at venue

24th-27th July 2017: In class training

Great morning execise with military army: Pak Edi and Pak Juli
Enjoy your breakfast guys! Because lunch is gonna be rush ^^
Have some discussions and share perspective with our group
Meet Prof Wiku. He is INDOHUN Coordinator
Do you see him? He was counting one to ten, and when he said "ten", there should be no thing left on our plate. Yeah, lunch time, everyone!
Another discussion
Learning and playing! We were building our Marshmallow Tower
And this Helium Stick is not as easy as i thought before
Another morning exercise
And another discussion
We were doing role playing simulation to learn advocacy, policy. Like real!

Still some photos i can not insert because i don't get it yet. We've learn a lot of One Health Concept for about 4 days, and at the Day 4 around 4p.m, we moved to Gondosuli and stayed there for a day and two nights.

28th July 2017: peaceful Gondosuli

Jumat Bersih
Helping our host family gardening

29th July 2017: Lalung

Health promotion to elementary school
Giving injection to cattles (vet only)
Tree planting

30th July 2017
We had an outbond at Sekipan Camp at the morning till noon, and at night there is Closing Ceremony and Cultural Night. I don't get the photos yet, but i could steal it from indohun website,

Unity in diversity

31th July 2017
It's time to back home! I learned a lot of things here, and get a new spirit also friends. I feel blessed to have an opportunity to join this priceless event.

Thank you INDOHUN! Thank you amazing trainers! Thank you great committees! Thank you to participants! Thank you Teamwork! Alhamdulillah alaa kulli haal.

You could read the naration (the detail) in Bahasa on GHTL 2.0 on (Catatan elthnad)

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